Myrtle Baliani

Beyond the put to the test, what I try in action art is the thrill of the loss of control, those brief moments that live inside every creative act, puri, where you forget about themselves and the world around them to blend in with the work itself, his creature precisely, before they become great texture and, Autonomous.


Myrtle Baliani (Rome, 1977) is a musician, composer, sound designer, illustrator and DJ. Son of art, spent his childhood in theaters and festivals performing in different shows. After the Art Institute began to work on graphic design and illustration by developing a personal mixed media with which also makes projections stage for some theatrical productions.

From 1997 to date has written music and created sound worlds for over forty productions ranging from theater to dance, from radio programs to documentaries and short films to soundtracks for exhibitions and performances. His compositions have been performed at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, all Toneelhuis di Anversa, al Music Biennale Zagreb MBZ, in theaters in Sarajevo, Brussels, Belgrade, Berlin, Nairobi, Lisbon and the main Italian. In 2011 creates a personal theater research on the nature of sound and its relationship with matter. The first stage of this process is O-Wisp, a concert for items and cooking rings on the score of the heat. With China vs. Tibet continues this research with the construction of a new musical drama.